Bagley Diving B3 DB3-TSO Tennessee Shad Color New in Box OLD STOCK

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Bagley Diving B3 DB3-TSO Tennessee Shad Orange Color New in Box OLD STOCK.  This is from a huge lot of new old stock we purchased.  Tough to find lure.  Tough to find color on this lure.  Discontinued lure and not made anymore.  Grab this one while you can.  You won't find many of these.  See photos.

This is the fastest-diving crankbait made:  big bodied and lead-lipped, with a dive-bomb descent angle that gets straight to hanging bass and a thumping body action that ignites a violent strike. Unleash over a dropoff for suspended fish, or crank along a rocky bottom to draw eager predators like a free lunch.

Use 12-17 pound test line on medium heavy tackle as the DB 3 creates a thunderous action on retrieve. In the hot summer months look for deep, cool water where big fish hang. Let the lure drop fast and retrieve slowly.

Length Weight Depth
3” 11/16 oz 14-16′