Rediscovering the Passion!

Many years ago I flipped a canoe in the Wisconsin River while fishing with my Dad. While we recovered most of our items I managed to lose my large tackle-box.  This tackle box had been with me most of my life and had probably 75% of my fishing gear in it.  I mourned that loss and the many lures I had in the box.  The ones that caught trophy fish, the ones gifted to me at Christmas as a child.  All were gone.  

About that time Ebay was starting to grow and get attention.  Somebody recommended I go to Ebay and see if I could replace some of my lures from years past.  I hesitantly went to the website and I was blown away.  Not only could I purchase those old River Runts and Bagley Small Fry's but I could get almost any type of lure ever made over the last 100+ years.  I quickly began bidding and winning lure after lure to fill my new tackle box.

A funny thing happened though.  My tackle box filled and I kept buying.  From there I discovered websites and clubs dedicated to this crazy hobby of collecting old tackle lures. I was hooked.  I bought lot after lot of lures.  Went to rummage sales, auctions and anywhere I could to add to my collection.  I joined clubs, bought books and was obsessed with this great hobby.

After a few years my life changed.  My wife and I had children and our time and money simply went elsewhere.  For the longest time my collection sat quietly in a spare room waiting for my return.  I wouldn't dare part with this collection for I knew one day I would be back.

Recently an illness struck me and hit me hard.  It took away my outdoor activities for a fishing and hunting season and relegated me to the indoors.  After a few weeks I knew I needed an outlet.  I went and got my old lures and started again on this journey.  I went through my display cases and box after box of my old friends.  I can now say I am back and happier than ever to be collecting old lures again.  It is a hobby that brings me much enjoyment and I hope it does for you as well.

With this new found passion I looked at my tired old website sitting with broken links and bad images from many years ago.  I knew it was time to give this a refresh as well. The web is great.  It can connect us across states, generations and sometimes it seems across time itself.  I look forward to building out this new version of and meeting lots of new friends along the way.  Thanks for visiting and come back often.  Drop a line and feel free to comment.  A hobby is only better if you have friends to share it with.



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