Oster's Jointed Tuffe Minnow

Oster's Jointed Tuffe Minnow - Cleveland, Ohio

Oster's Lures or Oster's Tackle Manufacturing of Cleveland, Ohio began in the late 1940's.  Oster's trade name was "Fish-Getter Lures" and can be seen on their packaging.  The original lures were made of Tenite.  The Jointed Tuffe lure was one of five original lures made by the company.  They were:

  • #200 Lone Streamer
  • #300 Jointed Tuffe Minnow
  • #400 Tuffe (or Straight Tuffe)
  • #500 Popper
  • #600 Super White Bass Fly
(One has to wonder what happened to #100?)

Below is an example of a Jointed Tuffe in an early (but not the first style) box:
Oster's Jointed Tuffe Lure
In the early 1950's Oster's Tackle Manufacturing was renamed Oster's Bait & Tackle.  By the late 1950's Oster's were under new ownership of Mill Run Products which produced the famous Beno lures.  After a sale to Beno Lures of Texas they were later acquired by Luhr-Jensen.  

Jointed Tuffe and Tuffe lures came in perch (P), green shiner (GS), orange (OR), silver shiner (SSh), red and white (RW), and yellow-black spot (YBs).  Color codes from catalog are listed in parenthesis.  

These lures are fairly tough to find in their early matching two piece cardboard boxes.  They make a great display in all of their original colors.  We only have one for sale currently.  You can see it here:  Jointed Tuffe Lure YBs

If you have more information about this great old lure please let us know.  A special thanks to Robert Slade and his great series of books, The Encloypedia of Old Fishing Lures Made in North America.

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