Lake of the Ozarks - Week 2 Results - John Holtz

Apr 17, 2022

Week 2 Results - Lake of Ozarks - John Holtz

(Written by John Holtz)

Well, well, well… the thrill of victory, and the agony of… well this weekend! Nah, honestly it wasn’t horrible. We caught fish, just not the size we needed. Let’s put some perspective on this last weekend. This is the second tournament of the year for me. It was on legendary Lake of the Ozarks. I took an awesome guy who had never fished a tournament before and now has. I just couldn’t find the right fish. Had some awesome 14 3/4 inchers, problem is they gotta be 15” to weigh in! People certainly overcame a horrid cold front (snowed on Friday of course) to bring in good sacs. I did not. I have very good friends who fished same lake in different series who had the same issue. “Where they was, they wasn’t anymore!”

I told Keith today, “It is real fun to hold the big fish up, but it is real important to hold your head up when ya can’t!” I honestly don’t know what I did wrong. I think I shoulda moved for muddier water… I got sucked into looking for warmer water. I’d find warm water, and I found rats just moving up… go deeper and nothing. I was able to see a few bigs deep on LiveScope, but they were lockjaw? So instead of holding up bass this week, I’m gonna hold my head up high, and my terrific friends up even higher. Through thick, and thin my sponsors are the reason I can do this! The folks who sponsor me make a great product every time, and know that I might not bust the big fish every time!

Each of the following are near and dear to me, and I would greatly appreciate you giving them a holler and mentioning my name! I’m the guy who pitches product a little harder when pitching the jig didn’t quite work out!

2022 John Holtz Sponsors

Next stop the Bassmaster Opens in two weeks! I am now focused on that derb, and no other for a minute! Mississippi’s Ross Barnett is gonna be an amazing experience, and I am going to savor every second of it!

From me and my fam, tight lines, and God Bless!

Thanks for following along!

John P. Holtz

John and his son

John Holtz is a touring tournament pro, and Bassmaster Opens Angler. He is primarily sponsored by John whole heartedly hopes you take a child hunting and fishing so the outdoors will be there for the next generation.

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