Kansas Bassmasters Stop 1

My Bait Shop Pro Staff Larry Patterson and John Holtz fished Stop One on Sunday March 25th.  With cold (45 degree) but stable water conditions we had a great practice day!  It seemed that any and all jerkbaits we threw would catch a fish. Sunday came and everything changed.  Stocton Reservoir began to release large amounts of water as the water temps cooled. With falling water (now 42-43 degrees) the fish were much harder to catch.

Proving you have to always pay attention, a mistake turned us onto the key to success. A medium diving Jerkbait, slowly cranked over 14 to 15 ft of water, on secondary points.  The key to success was fishing it painfully slow in the same way one would fish a crankbait. We could not get a bite on anything else, or fished in any other way.  We fished very clean, with only one fish being lost all day.  A bad spot in the line cost John Holtz what could have been a 4th fish.

In the end we caught 6.21 lbs of fish and came in middle of the pack in 13th place of 24 boats. We gained a valuable 140 points on the Anglers of the Year Championship.  All of our sponsors are so important to us. This week our great raingear from Compass 360 and our assortment of jerkbaits from My Bait Shop were the key to our success.  To say it was a grind would be an understatement. Weather conditions changed on us 5 times during the day. We were able to improvise, adapt, and overcome!  It was a successful tournament and LJ Fishing is very much in the thick of the hunt.

Make sure to buy some great early spring baits from My Bait Shop. Our suggestion would be Jerkbaits in shad and natural colors… Lipless Cranks and Cranks in very vibrant red colors… and don’t forget the old favorite spinner baits.  It will be an awesome spring with these baits in your box!!!!

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