20 Vintage Heddon Fishing Lures Worth A Fortune

20 Vintage Heddon Fishing Lures Worth a Fortune

Have you seen our latest article?  It's titled "20 Vintage Heddon Fishing Lures Worth A Fortune" and I had a blast writing it.  Heddon is one of the most collected companies of vintage fishing lures and for good reason.  They are certainly one of the giants of early fishing lures starting in 1894.  They stayed in business independently in Dowagiac, Michigan until 1984.  They are now part of Pradco and still have lures produced.  The early ones though before the move out of Dowagiac are the ones that really generate interest from collectors.  Below is just a small sample of the article.  A link to the full article is at the end.

Heddon Black Sucker:

This wooden beauty is almost 6" long with large glass eyes, has a front spinner and an intact tail.  It is extremely rare and in beautiful Natural Scale finish and probably is the nicest known example of the very few of its known kind.  This lure was produced by Heddon out of Dowagiac, Michigan and comes with its matching box.  This lure sold for approximately $19,000 in 2006.  See all of our vintage Heddon lures for sale here

Heddon Black Sucker


Heddon Jeanette Hawley "Mohawk" Minnow:

This rare beauty dates from around 1905 and is believed to be the only known example of this bait with a matching wooden box originating from the Mohawk, Florida Heddon location.  Lure is in spectacular condition and the box is in fine shape as well.  Of great importance is the complete paperwork that comes with this bait which helps date and confirm the significance of this find.  Check out the photo below to see what this rare specimen looks like.  In 2013 this lure fetched $18,400 at auction.  See all of our vintage Heddon lures for sale here

Jeanette Hawley "Mohawk" Casting and Trolling Bait


Heddon Night-Radiant Moonlight Bait:

An extremely rare James Heddon & Sons Night Radiant Moonlight Bait and Box.  At the time of this auction it was only one of four known of these boxes in existence (now five as you will see below in a future listing).  On top of the extremely rare box comes the matching bait in eggshell luminous color in very good condition.  Tough combination only the most amazing collections would have.  This one sold at auction in 2008 for a little over $15,000.

Heddon Night Radiant Moonlight Bait and Box


Heddon Musky Night Radiant Charmer Lure:

Are you noticing a theme here?  The Heddon Night Radiant baits are a winner for sure.  This one though holds a special place in history.  It was on the famous Heddon Factory Lure Board.  This was the place where Heddon displayed their early lures and famous samples in their factory.  In fact it stayed in place until the company moved locations after the PRADCO purchase.  The late Clyde Harbin Sr., famously known in the lure collecting community as The Bassman, was asked to inventory the lures as the board was disassembled.  With all of that in mind you can see why this lure is so attractive.  It measures about 4 5/8" long as has a barbershop type painted tail.  This lure sold at auction in 2007 for $13,500.

Heddon Musky Night Radiant Charmer Lure


Check out the full article here:  20 Vintage Heddon Fishing Lures Worth A Fortune and when you are done be sure to read are feature article that started it all:  25 Vintage Fishing Lures Worth A Fortune  After that it may be time to check out those old tackle boxes from Grandpa laying around the garage or up at the cottage...


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