20 Vintage Creek Chub Baits Worth a Fortune

Apr 18, 2022

20 Vintage Creek Chub Baits Worth A Fortune

One of the things I really like about collecting fishing lures is the history.  Researching, compiling data and writing pages for my website.  I've had so much fun writing some of my past articles that I have decided to keep going.  I started my series first with "25 Vintage Fishing Lures Worth A Fortune".  This was fun to do as it encompassed all lures and manufactures.  After a short break I decided to keep going but start to break down the lures by manufacturer.  I started with the "Big Daddy" of them all and wrote "20 Vintage Heddon Fishing Lures Worth A Fortune".  After that I needed a little break.  Other parts of my website needed some attention so I stepped away for a little while.  

Well I came back to the series and today just launched the 3rd in the series, "20 Vintage Creek Chub Fishing Lures A Fortune".  I have to say that as a Creek Chub collector it was difficult to decide which lures to choose and I sure wish I had deeper pockets to be able to buy some of these wonderful baits.  There are so many early and special colors out there you could spend a lifetime or two trying to gather them all.   Or you could just invent time travel and visit your local bait shop and stock up on $1.00 baits and hang onto them.  If only...

If you haven't had the chance to check out these articles, give them a visit.  I hope you have as much fun reading them as I did writing them.


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