About Us

We are fishing lure collectors and fisherman.  Our family loves to fish and collect old lures.  We collect a little of everything but really like Creek Chub, Shur Strike and Lazy Ike lures.  As we collect we buy a lot of lures and a lot of lure lots.  We get these lures from all over and then parse them out into our collection and tackle boxes.  

We have been collecting for about 15 years and in that time have acquired quite a supply of lures, somewhere around 20,000 at any given time.  These range from old to new. Given our desire to keep collecting and buying we figured it necessary to sell off some of the lures in order to buy more.  This is where this website comes in.

Our excess lures and finds, again from old to new need a place to be sold.  That is this website, mybaitshop.com.  All of the lures you find here we at one point found somewhere else.  We are not a retailer and as such can sell a lot of these newer lures cheaper than you can find elsewhere.  We also can offer the old antique lures you can't find in stores. Whether to collect or fish with, these old lures are great.

We hope you enjoy our site and become a customer.  If you ever have any questions, you can reach us at kb@mybaitshop.com .