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    Yo-Zuri Fish the Best
    We are proud to be offering Yo-Zuri lures.  Yo-Zuri has been making quality fishing lures, fishing lines, and leaders for over 50 years in Japan and shipping throughout the world.  Due to the quality, their fishing products have stood the test of time 
    and continues to be more sought out than many other fishing lures or inferior imitations.  Yo-Zuri has developed technologically advanced fishing products that constantly lead the industry and have become one of the top rated brands of hard-baits in the world.  Yo-Zuri fishing lures are crafted to be the most realistic looking,
    have the best actions, and are designed to help each angler have their best fishing days.
    Below are what we have in stock for brand new as well as used and vintage Yo-Zuri and Duel brand products.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.
    22 products
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