Rebel Windcheater, #227 Gold/Black/Orange Belly Color.

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Rebel Windcheater, #227 Gold/Black/Orange Belly Color. Great unique Rebel here. About 5" long including the lip. Lure is used with some minor wear but in good condition, see photos. Fish or collect!


Expert from 1992 Rebel Catalog:

Windcheater, The world's longest-casting minnow lure

When you cast an ordinary minnow-style lure, air resistance causes it to tumble end-over-end through the air, making your casts shorter and less accurate. Particularly in windy conditions.

Enter Windcheater- the latest breakthrough from Rebel research 

Windcheater is made from a tough, new lure material called Lexan, and is specially weighted to prevent tumbling. With its sleek aerodynamic shape, it slips through the air like a fish through the weeds.

Our designers even re-positioned the traditional Rebel cross-hatching onto the inside of the lure, to preserve a smooth, wind-cheating surface on the outside.

The result? A lure that throws farther, and with greater accuracy, than any other similar-length minnow-style lure on the market.

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