Vintage Expert Angler Box (Approx $80+ Value)

Vintage Expert Angler Box (Approx $90+ Value)

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Vintage Expert Angler Box.  Forget those other monthly programs that ship you lures you could buy in a store.  Get a hand picked selection from My Bait Shop's vast inventory.  No two boxes are ever the same.  Could include new, vintage, hard to find discontinued baits or contemporary lures.  Contents may include items such as:

  • Heddon, Creek Chub, South Bend, Bagley, Storm or other lures in a classic easy to use Bass, Pike or smaller size
  • Baits will range from used in Good condition to New in Box
  • Approx. $90+ value
  • Will include at least five - six baits, maybe more depending on value of baits and more!
  • Free shipping in the USA
  • First order ships in 3-5 days.  Will follow a monthly schedule afterwards around the date of your original purchase (example if you ordered on the 7th, your first shipment will go out around the 8th - 12th, your next orders will go out around the 8th-12th of each month)
  • Designed for fisherman who like to cast vintage and tougher to find baits or lure collectors
  • Cancel anytime after original order
  • Pay in advance and save money
  • All subscriptions auto-renew