Vintage Early Chautauqua Super Shark Baby Bass Color with Box

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Vintage Early Chautauqua Super Shark Baby Bass Color with Box.  Rare chance to grab an early Chautauqua lure.  Acquired as part of a big lot of older contemporary lures we purchased.  These older ones don't normally come up for sale.  Take advantage and add this one to your collection.

Nice early special order color on this bait!

Grab an early lure from the Master at Chautauqua while he was still perfecting his craft.  A great piece to collect or fish (although honestly this belongs in a collection).  Great to notice the subtle differences in both the design and presentation.

Grab this one while it lasts!  Rare chance to own an early Chautauqua.  These don't come up for sale very often.

Below are the features of the Super Shark:

The Super Shark features a bold, high-energy action. Its erratic darting bursts will trigger strikes from hard-to-fool musky. Dives deep—up to 8ft when casting.

• Floats at Rest

• Made from Cedar

• 5” Body Length

• Size 2/O Treble Hooks

 Stainless Steel Lip and Heavy Duty Screw Eyes

• Tank Tested

Hand crafted by The Chautauqua Bait Company and delivered in a two piece cardboard box.  In my opinion the closest thing you will find to the old Creek Chub lures.  High quality and simply amazing. Great to fish and equally great to display.