Wiley 6 1/2

Wiley 6 1/2" Jointed Musky King Jr. in Green and Gold Foil Color

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Wiley 6 1/2" Jointed Musky King Jr. in Green and Gold Foil Color.  I am not 100% sure this is a Wiley or who made this.  Not sure if wood or plastic.  Has design just like Wiley and came in lot with a bunch of Wiley's.  Cool lure either way.  Body measures about 6 1/2" long.  Used vintage bait here.  This lure is used but in nice shape.  Has some minor tackle box wear as shown in the photos but overall very good condition.  See photos.

Tough to find and in a beautiful color!

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Wiley Lures Musky Killer is a popular lure that has taken big muskies year after year for over 30 years.  Handcrafted by Dale Wiley these cedar lures with a tough lexan lip are tank tested and working pieces of art.  These lures have proven again and again over the years to be the ones that muskie fishermen and women trust, and have ranked in the top ten of all-time best muskie lures in the Muskies, Inc. data base for years.

The Muskie Killer lures dive to 6 feet in depth; the 6” Deep Divers go down to 14 feet, while the 7” Headshakers and 8” Muskie Kings dive to 10 feet.