Line Cutterz Blaze Orange Ring Fishing Line Cutter

Line Cutterz Blaze Orange Ring Fishing Line Cutter

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Line Cutterz Blaze Orange Ring Fishing Line Cutter.  We are proud to be a dealer of Line Cutterz products.  As seen on Shark Tank!  These are amazing products that will make your life easier.  Whether fishing from the boat, on shore, open water or ice... you need some Line Cutterz.

The color really stands out and is easy to find!

A Blaze Orange ring worn on the finger that cuts fishing line is finally here! Sleek, adjustable ring with double-sided blade perfect for quick and efficient cutting of mono-filament and braided fishing line. Wear it on a finger or mount it to fishing rod handles, kayak seat posts, boat rails or anywhere else you can imagine. Great for all types of fishing including kayak fishing, surf fishing, chartered fishing and tournament fishing. 

  • Two-sided stainless steel blades and stainless steel rivet set in an ABS plastic.
  • Ultimate in durability and safety.
  • Velcro adjustable strap to fit all size fingers.
  • Fits great on fishing rods!
  • TSA allowed. Bring your ring when you fly, travel.

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