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Lazy Ike Corporation
Founded 1897 Fort Dodge, Iowa
The Lazy Ike Corporation began in 1897 founded by Joseph Kautzky, an Austrian immigrant. The Kautzky Manufacturing Company, as it was originally named, started in the gunsmith business and over the years expanded into other lines of sporting goods. Somewhere around the mid 1930's there was a fisherman in the Fort Dodge Iowa area named Newel Daniels that was hand carving what was to become the ike. Apparently Joseph Kautzky Jr. saw Daniels fishing the lure and remarked "look at that lazy ike." From 1938 to 1940 the entire production was hand made by Daniels. When Daniels left the company in 1940 he turned over the rights to Kautzky. Production then shifted to "Pop" Shuck who hand made them until around 1945 when lathe production began. Wood prodcution ceased in 1960 when the plastic version was made. Kautzky produced many baits, the most famous being the Lazy Ike. The Lazy Ike and the other Kautzky lures are not generally considered to be collectible. However as the more famous lures are becoming a bit more scarce, the Lazy Ike Corporation and several other companies are starting to draw some attention. For me, it's not about value with these lures. I have fond memories of fishing the Lazy Ikes and in particular the Flex Ikes for Northern and Bass as a kid. This is the lure that got me started in lure collecting and I still collect and fish with these lures today. The Lazy Ike Corporation actually played a fairly significant role in the history of fishing tackle. For one, the Lazy Ike is probably one of the most widely fished lures in the world. Lazy Ike's storied history included purchasing the Creek Chub Bait Company in 1978. Lazy Ike is now owned by Pradco. A few plastic lures are still made including the lazy ike.

In the future you will see some links here that will show you samples of Lazy Ike lures, boxes,catalogs, and some of my collection. If you have any questions please email me here.

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